Edubuntu for libraries

Rodrigo Garcia rodrigo.garcia at
Thu Dec 15 16:57:48 UTC 2005

Zeb Smith wrote:

> Hello all. I work for the Newton Falls Public Library as Systems 
> Administrator. I’m very strongly considering using Edubuntu on the 
> public computers here. I have already switched to OpenOffice and 
> various other open source applications…. but the machines still run 
> Windows as the OS. My main concern about switching to Linux is that 
> with Windows, I can lock down settings such as web browser 
> configuration, desktop backgrounds and such so that patrons can not 
> tamper with them. I’ve been using kubuntu on my own computers for some 
> time now, but have not found a way to configure it similarly. If 
> anyone can offer insight on this, the advice would be most appreciated.
> Thank you
> W. Zebulon Smith
> Systems Manager
> Newton Falls Public Library
> 204 South Canal Street
> Newton Falls, OH 44444-1694
> Phone: (330)872-1282
> Fax: (330)872-9153
> <>
If you run kubuntu you could use kiosktool to lock down your desktops.
You could even run edubuntu + kubuntu-desktop.

By the way: hello everybody, this is my first post. My name is Rodrigo
Garcia, I'm a developer and sysadmin for a software shop in Mexico. I'm
interested in humanity to others, so in ubuntu and edubuntu too. I hope
I can give back to the comunity.


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