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Tue Dec 13 21:45:23 UTC 2005


Sorry for my bad english , read with tolerance :-)

I send this mail for create a official contact with you, I am Emmanuel
Le Normand alias Manu (manu_ubu on irc),  FrenchTeam's member
and coordinator for edubuntu-fr, the little team for the edubuntu into
ubuntu-fr. The aim of this team is to create francophone's documentations
for use Edubuntu as ubuntu-fr for ubuntu.
The communauty Ubuntu-fr took the decision to create this new team
(edubuntu-fr) on the reunion on november :


After taken this decision, I sent a mail on official french list ubuntu-fr :


Concerning the liveCD edubuntu-fr, this is a tool for the demo and not
a competitor with official liveCD. I took contact with teachers  and I need
this tool for a demo . This liveCD is a ubuntu LiveCD customized with
edubuntu packages localized "fr".

We have a local mail list for edubuntu (edubuntu at ubuntu-fr.org) because
we speak french, you english, and it's not easy for the coordination.
I had a bad experience, on avril 2005 I worked on the ubuntu wiki
(http://wiki.ubuntu.com/frenchdocumentation) with Olivier Staquet.
We wanted to use the ubuntu-doc list for the coordination but the
members of this list, didn't want french mail and they said us to use
ubuntu-fr list.


The Edubuntu-fr team join the Coordination Edubuntu Projet.

Best regards

Emmanuel Le Normand
Keep cool and take it easy ..... use Ubuntu, the linux for human beings

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