Edubuntu Status Update Meeting Notes - 7 Dec 2005

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On 7 Dec 2005, at 16:36, jane wrote:

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> I have added this week's meeting notes to:
> Please amend as required, or contact me if you notice any errors or
> omissions.

Sorry for missing meetings. The day job gets in the way.
But I noticed this:
"Discussed and planned the possibility of using Drupal as the Edubuntu 
CRM. there was concern about Drupal using php, and this introducing 
security risks, and requiring a lot of maintenance, but highvoltage is 
prepared to look after it. It was agreed that it's best to avoid php 
when possible, but it;s thought that drupal is the best tool for the 
job. Drupal will make it easier for us to manage the edubuntu 
documentation too, and for the web team to add content, and is more 
accessible to our target audience - Educators.,"

Why Drupal rather than Moodle?
Moodle is more accessible to educators than Drupal. How many 
educational institutions use D? How many use M?
Both use php, but I don't want to bankonline, I just want to share 
information and keep a back up for when everything goes strange.
Just asking.


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