Meeting, Dic., 2005/ Weekly update of 'mhz' work

Mauricio Hernandez mhz.chile at
Wed Dec 7 12:26:49 UTC 2005

Hi you all, Edubuntu People!

I am truly sorry I will not be able to be at this meeting.

However, I can sum up what I have been doing since last time meeting:
= Community =
 * IMHO, very interesting stuff

== mhz is an Ubuntu Memeber!!! =
 * Finally, during yesterday's CC meeting my membership was completed,
educool!! (though I now feel that it means more responsibility to

== Spanish speakers IRC channel ==
 * A guy from Peru (P3L|cano) had already registered #edubuntu-es, I
talked to him (thx ogra for pointing me he was loged in) and kindly
agreed to give Seveas and I (or is it 'me'.. grammar!) admin access to
the channel.

 * So far, I'd say that only 3 to 4 guys are visiting the channel.

 * Considering we have not 'promoted' this channel I feel very
optimistic. Once we start EdubuntuTour (at least in Chile. Colombia
may be up for it too soon, as well as Venezuela)

 * 2 guys have mentioned their concern regarding too many 'spliting'
in lists or IRC. Actually, I also think spliting is no good, Spanish
speakers all understand and use same language so why having or trying
to create more localized ML or Channels? Personally, I have seen US
people splitting for Ubuntu stuff, and I hope that doesn't hapen to
Edubuntu. We need to stick together!

== Localization / Local efforts ==
 * Maybe, a localized ML could be interesting regarding Edubuntu LoCo
teams coordination for EdubuntuFestDay

 * I have slowly started EdubuntuChile in wiki:EdubuntuChile but that
is all written in English, which leads me to next point...

 * I sent an email to this ML asking for your opinions about how
should we deal with Translations of edubuntu wiki pages. I only got
replies from 2 or 3 people. I dont mind that much but it would be very
good -IF we are a multilanguage team- to have clear policy about it.
Also, if the EdubuntuTour idea motivates newcomers, will we use (have
access to Canonical hosting) same /data dir but in diff language or in
different URL, such as or something alike?

== Edubuntu Talks ==
 * Next wed., I'll give a talk about Edubuntu to 10 teachers and 40
parents. The teachers work for diff schools, so I hope soon enough,
I'll give talks in those schools, too. I have prepared some nice
invitations for everyone to modify as they need.

== EdubuntuChile team ==
 * I have created the EdubuntuChile team in LP. Feel free to join!

= Edubuntu Marketing / Artwork =
 * Not too much really.

 * Pablo and his friends are all in university and this week are
having their final exams of the year so I'll only see them next week
to have our first committed artwork meeting. So far, they feel
enthusiastic about collaborating, we'll see.

 * With Pablo, we'll work on 3 EdubuntuThemes for GNOME for Dapper and
a proposal for EdubuntuCd's again :)  (i hope they do get shipped this

 * The invitations aforementioned can be accessed from

 * As soon as I can, I'll upload a proposal for EdubuntuLoCo teams biz
cards (Will we actually have those LoCo teams?)

 * Also, I am working on a draft for an EdubuntuLeafLet but it looks
real ugly, so I'll wait for Pablo's help to make it look better.

== EdubuntuWindowMaker ==
 * Testing some 'rasolution' looks with backgrounds and screen sizes.
Most of the PC's I have seen in Chilean schools have 14 inches
monitors and only support upto 800x600.

 * So far, I have seen just one guy showing enthusiastic about an
edubuntu themed WindowMaker. This guy shwed up during first day of
opening #edubunt-es so it was kind of cool news, but I have seen no
work or proposal from him, just enthusiasm.

= Edubuntu complementary Development =
 * I whish I had something good to tell you here... I have done nothing yet.

== EdubuntuStudyContent ==
 * If you feel courius join the LP team with same name

 * You can visit wiki:EdubuntuStudyContent (formerly known as

 * If there is interest on this, we do need to knwo about "packaging"
and define some specs.

Well, that's all folfs!


Mauricio Hernandez Z.

"Hell is repeating someone else's mistakes"

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