same /data for wikis BUT diff URL access

Mauricio Hernandez mhz.chile at
Thu Dec 1 15:57:13 UTC 2005

I paste the IRC 'presentation' i did in -doc.

mhz|  --> use wiki tab
  -->       then login link
mhz| and now, I can see
mhz| notice the diff URL but same content
mhz| :)
mhz| however, I had first loged in via, I could have
not reached https:// urls
mhz| however, I would have seen same exact contents
mhz| now, the question is... Should we consider that a bug? or just a
nonsense way to get contents ?

Is that ok? I think it's not.

Mauricio Hernandez Z.

"Hell is repeating someone else's mistakes"

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