meeting coverage of weekly agenda

Mauricio Hernandez mhz.chile at
Thu Dec 1 14:01:53 UTC 2005

Hi Jane,

> 1) We need to keep the meeting format a little tighter (less general
> chatter).
> 2) We need to have updated prepared in advance - as per the Ubuntu
> dapper Status Update meeting. This makes the update post quicker and
> allows for a brief on topic discussion as necessary afterwards. If a
> long discussion is required, like Drupal vs Moin. This should be
> deferred to a separate meeting, or for discussion at the end of the
> meeting, or to the mailing list.
> 3) We also need to keep focused on the goal of this meeting which is
> really a Dapper Development Status meeting. Post Dapper topics and nice
> to haves etc should be discusses in the #edubuntu channel outside the
> meeting.
> I think one problem is many of the people are only around for the 1 hr
> per week of the meeting, so it is becoming a bit of a chance to
> socialise, we need to try to be disciplined about not chattering too
> much.
> 4) Each of the key areas (Tech, Doc, Artwork) should have an owner who
> will represent that area for the week, this doesn't have to be the same
> person each week, but they should arrive prepared.
> 5)I also need to try to get my ADSL line not to rest at the crucial time
> as the meeting starts!

What can I say?

I can tell you have experience organising people's work.
i totally agree with you on how we could better use the 1 hr. we have.

>From my side, and the things I am doing for edubuntu, I'll prepare
shorts reports that'll be ready before hand. Another possibility is
that we all prepare reports and send them to the list, and use the 1hr
to exchange points regarding the reports.

best regards,

Mauricio Hernandez Z.

"Hell is repeating someone else's mistakes"

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