MAC thin clients?

Kevin Matson kevin.matson at
Thu Dec 1 01:58:38 UTC 2005

You are correct, OS on the thin client doesn't matter. I have got some
iMacs to work as thin clients using the 4.1 K12LTSP servers and only
had problems with powering down and the one button mice. I haven't
tried iMac thin clients off of a Edubuntu server so your results may

Kevin M.

On 11/30/05, nigel.kennington at
<nigel.kennington at> wrote:
> As I scrape towards an understanding of how this works, a question has
> popped up:
> Can the room full of iMacs I have lying unused become clients for an
> edubuntu network?
> As far as I understand it, edubuntu is only actually installed (in my old
> fashioned, wintel understanding of the term) on the server while the clients
> boot directly across the network, yes? So the original operating system of
> the thin clients shouldn't matter...
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