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Mauricio Hernandez Z. mhz.chile en gmail.com
Mie Sep 6 20:16:25 BST 2006

Hi all,

This email is mainly divided into 3 questions for you all because I
still have not been able to make 'sound' decision about this.

Many schools in LAm countries (Latin America) do not have internet
access 24x7 and/or with great bandwidth. So, I know there are working
efforts for a Wikipedia CD version, which could be great for the
aforementioned schools, indeed. Nevertheless, would it be
better/possible to sync those 'encyclopedia' contents instead of
downloading everytime?

I ask because a few weeks ago, MoinMoin wiki has released another
feature: 'Sync pages', which means a user can actually synchronize
contents between a local wiki and a remote wiki server, therefore, this
will reduce the downloading time and size, plus... it would also allow
schools/users to upload/contribute with contents to the Edu-Commnunity.

Why Moin can do such thing? AFAIK, because Moin uses plain-text content
that is rendered as nice reading-friendly html on the browser side. So
syncing plain-text is neither painful nor so risky.

= 1st question =
Do you think this culd be useful to manage educontent?

= 2nd question =
Is it possible and simple to sync educontent from/to L.A.M.P like sites
(local <-> remote)?

= 3rd question =
Since some Moin versions ago, Moin includes a WYSIWYG editor that makes
generating content very simple fro teachers/students.

Has any of you had experiences using wikis on Education/Learning tasks?
Would you?


Mauricio Hernandez Z.
mhz at ubuntu.com


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