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Tue Nov 14 22:10:40 GMT 2006

 OK: debootstrap_0.3.3.0ubuntu8~edgy1.dsc
     -> Component: main Section: admin
 OK: debootstrap_0.3.3.0ubuntu8~edgy1.tar.gz

Format: 1.7
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 22:09:10 +0000
Source: debootstrap
Binary: debootstrap-udeb debootstrap
Architecture: source
Distribution: edgy-backports
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Anthony Towns <ajt at>
Changed-By: John Dong <john.dong at>
 debootstrap - Bootstrap a basic Debian system
 debootstrap-udeb - Bootstrap the Debian system
 debootstrap ( edgy-backports; urgency=low
   * Automated backport upload; no source changes.
 debootstrap ( feisty; urgency=low
   * [feisty] New script to install Feisty Fawn, copied from edgy.
   * [Makefile] Install feisty.
 aea77023ece04fe763bf81b51989d8fb 384 admin - debootstrap_0.3.3.0ubuntu8~edgy1.dsc
 8c7a934dbf0aa26336ee01b352b1db66 229358 admin - debootstrap_0.3.3.0ubuntu8~edgy1.tar.gz
Package-Type: udeb

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