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Mon Jun 19 12:05:49 BST 2006

 OK: cdebconf_0.102ubuntu1.dsc
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Format: 1.7
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 11:57:05 +0100
Source: cdebconf
Binary: cdebconf-slang-udeb libdebconfclient0 cdebconf-priority cdebconf libdebconfclient0-dev cdebconf-udeb libdebconfclient0-udeb cdebconf-gtk-udeb cdebconf-text-udeb cdebconf-newt-udeb
Architecture: source
Version: 0.102ubuntu1
Distribution: edgy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Install System Team <debian-boot at>
Changed-By: Colin Watson <cjwatson at>
 cdebconf   - Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
 cdebconf-gtk-udeb - Gtk+ frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
 cdebconf-newt-udeb - Newt frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
 cdebconf-priority - Change debconf priority
 cdebconf-slang-udeb - S-Lang frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
 cdebconf-text-udeb - Plain text frontend for Debian Configuration Management System
 cdebconf-udeb - Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
 libdebconfclient0 - Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
 libdebconfclient0-dev - Development files for cdebconf
 libdebconfclient0-udeb - Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation)
Closes: 322381 355804 356845
 cdebconf (0.102ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
   * Resynchronise with Debian.
 cdebconf (0.102) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add a dirty flag to rfc822db, so that we don't have to save databases if
     no changes occurred. Should make time between installer menu steps a lot
     shorter, since the templates database is not generally modified.
   [ Updated translations ]
   * Catalan (ca.po) by Jordi Mallach
   * Italian (it.po) by Giuseppe Sacco
   * Northern Sami (se.po) by Borre Gaup
   * Thai (th.po) by Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
 cdebconf (0.101) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Attilio Fiandrotti ]
   * Removed arrows from GTK frontend buttons as they look ugly with RTL
   [ Christian Perrier ]
   * Split out _Choices to __Choices in templates.
   [ Max Vozeler ]
   * Add question_get_variable() function to lookup the value of template
   * Mention plugin examples and note about using exported functions where
     possible in doc/plugins.txt.
   [ Frans Pop ]
   * Look first in /usr/lib/directfb when determining dependencies to obtain
     correct deps from cdebconf-gtk-udeb.
   [ Updated translations ]
   * Arabic (ar.po) by Ossama M. Khayat
   * Bosnian (bs.po) by Safir Secerovic
   * Czech (cs.po) by Miroslav Kure
   * Danish (da.po) by Claus Hindsgaul
   * German (de.po) by Jens Seidel
   * Dzongkha (dz.po)
   * Esperanto (eo.po) by Serge Leblanc
   * Spanish (es.po) by Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pena
   * Basque (eu.po) by Piarres Beobide
   * French (fr.po) by Christian Perrier
   * Galician (gl.po) by Jacobo Tarrio
   * Hungarian (hu.po) by SZERVNC Attila
   * Italian (it.po) by Giuseppe Sacco
   * Japanese (ja.po) by Kenshi Muto
   * Khmer (km.po) by Khoem Sokhem
   * Korean (ko.po) by Sunjae park
   * Kurdish (ku.po) by Erdal Ronahi
   * Macedonian (mk.po) by Georgi Stanojevski
   * Bokmal, Norwegian (nb.po) by Bjorn Steensrud
   * Dutch (nl.po) by Bart Cornelis
   * Norwegian Nynorsk (nn.po) by Havard Korsvoll
   * Polish (pl.po) by Bartosz Fenski
   * Portuguese (pt.po) by Miguel Figueiredo
   * Portuguese (Brazil) (pt_BR.po) by Andre Luis Lopes
   * Romanian (ro.po) by Eddy Petrisor
   * Russian (ru.po) by Yuri Kozlov
   * Slovak (sk.po) by Peter Mann
   * Slovenian (sl.po) by Jure Cuhalev
   * Albanian (sq.po) by Elian Myftiu
   * Swedish (sv.po) by Daniel Nylander
   * Tamil (ta.po) by Damodharan Rajalingam
   * Thai (th.po) by Theppitak Karoonboonyanan
   * Tagalog (tl.po) by Eric Pareja
   * Turkish (tr.po) by Recai Oktas
   * Vietnamese (vi.po) by Clytie Siddall
   * Wolof (wo.po) by Mouhamadou Mamoune Mbacke
 cdebconf (0.100) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * Stop processing frontend options once the config script name is
   * Make the confmodule pass -- as the first argument to the frontend to
     make absolutely sure that the config script doesn't get misinterpreted
     as an option.
   [ Attilio Fiandrotti ]
   * Added GTK version check at compile time to selectively enable some GTK
     frontend features.
   [ Updated translations ]
   * Bosnian (bs.po) by Safir Secerovic
   * Basque (eu.po) by Piarres Beobide
   * Irish (ga.po) by Kevin Patrick Scannell
   * Khmer (km.po) by hok kakada
   * Northern Sami (se.po) by Borre Gaup
   * Slovenian (sl.po) by Jure Cuhalev
   * Tamil (ta.po) by Damodharan Rajalingam
 cdebconf (0.99) unstable; urgency=low
   * Rebuilt with new libd-i to get correct udeb library dependencies.
 cdebconf (0.98) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Attilio Fiandrotti ]
   * Workaround for a GTKDFB bug that causes first pixels of sentences
     to be sometimes cutted away, thanks to Davide Viti and Mohammed
     Adnene Trojette for finding this bug.
   * Added support for PROGRESSCANCEL command to the GTK frontend, whose
     GTK signals handling system is now asynchronous (closes: #322381).
   * Buttons in the GTK frontend are now translated also if progressbar
     is started before a question is asked (closes: #355804).
     Set to NULL a forgot pointer, updated some code comments.
   [ Joey Hess ]
   * Add shlibs line for libdebconfclient0-udeb.
   * Drop libdebconfclient0-udeb's provide of libdebconfclient0, since
     it's on the initrd and packages will get correct deps as they're
     recompiled against this.
   [ Colin Watson ]
   * Honour accept_types/reject_types for questions registered against
     templates that were received in DATA commands over passthrough. This was
     one of the root causes of Ubuntu's recent installer password disclosure
     vulnerability (CVE-2006-1183).
   * Reset question template pointers whenever they change, not just when the
     tag changes; do this in X_LOADTEMPLATEFILE and dpkg-reconfigure as well
     as debconf-loadtemplate.
   * Add a remove method to the question database; use this to migrate
     questions to the correct stacked database in the event that their types
     change (fixes preseeded passwords ending up in questions.dat on the
     installed system in some cases; closes: #356845).
   [ Updated translations ]
   * Bosnian (bs.po) by Safir Secerovic
   * Hungarian (hu.po) by SZERVNC Attila
   * Slovenian (sl.po) by Matej Kovacic
   * Swedish (sv.po) by Daniel Nylander
   * Ukrainian (uk.po) by Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
 7ca5f0dca3da796eb7f22ec8c50a8cbe 1159 utils optional cdebconf_0.102ubuntu1.dsc
 5bfba913e7b5693e457edef6155fc3ab 235317 utils optional cdebconf_0.102ubuntu1.tar.gz
Package-Type: udeb

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