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Tue Aug 29 21:10:05 BST 2006

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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  29 Aug 2006 19:47:01 +0100
Source: jed
Binary: jed, jed-common, xjed
Architecture: source
Version: 0.99.18-4
Distribution: edgy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian JED Group <pkg-jed-devel at>
Changed-By: Barry deFreese <bddebian at>
 jed        - editor for programmers (textmode version)
Closes: 210274 219448 266981 287781 307110 345268
 jed (0.99.18-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/watch: Added file [RL]
   * debian/po/fr.po: Reviewed version, thanks to Thomas Huriaux
     <thomas.huriaux AT gmail DOT com> and Christian Perrier
     <bubulle AT debian DOT org> [RL]
   * piuparts complained about the left config files after the upgrade from
     sarge. Now they are handled like and before. [JS]
   * Fixed the insufficient detection of block ends in pymode. [JS]
 jed (0.99.18-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Reuploaded to unstable with the .changes files containing all the
     entries since the last version uploaded to unstable, such that all the
     bugs tagged fixed-in-experimental will be automatically closed with
     the appropriate explanation from the changelog.
 jed (0.99.18-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Documentation update (NEWS, README.Debian, README.Debian-startup) [GM]
     - document the (beta) UTF8 support with SLang2
     - warn of SLang2 eventually breaking old *.sl scripts
     - explain Debian's /etc/jed.d/ startup dir
   * debian/po/cs.po: Added Czech translations for debconf templates,
     thanks to Miroslav Kure <kurem at> [RL]
   * debian/control:
     - Make sure jed|xjed and jed-common are of the same version.
        + jed|xjed depend on jed-common (same version),
        + jed-common recommends jed|xjed and conflicts with earlier versions
          (as it is not broken without jed|xjed).
     - Removed the conflict with jed-extra (<= 1.0-1) as jed-extra will not
       break jed|xjed (jed-common will not work by default, as jed|xjed now
       uses the startup dir /etc/jed-init.d/ instead of /etc/jed.d/. Some
       modes of jed-extra will fail with SLang2. See also NEWS)
     - Removed the obsolete Conflict and Replace of jedslc, jedsl, jedsl-src,
       and jed (<< 0.99.10-2).
 jed (0.99.18-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release (see changelog.gz for new features)
   * debian/control:
     + the kfreebsd-i386 architecture does not have the package
       libgmpg1-dev; removed it from the Build-Depends list for this
       architecture (closes: #345268) [JS]
     + removed the version condition from debhelper and libgmpg1-dev
       in Build-Depends, because the packages in stable are newer than
       this version. [JS]
     + added the Uploaders: field [RL]
     + removed x-dev as build dependency; this is a transition package [JS]
     + added the Homepage pseudo header as the developers reference
       suggests it in section 6.2.4. [JS]
     + decreased the version from the findutils dependency and replaced the
       -delete option in the compile script in jed-common; this makes
       backporting of the package easier. [JS]
     + splitted the dependency lines to reflect the possible independent
       build targets. [JS]
     + increased the Policy standard version; no changed needed [JS]
   * debian/patches/00list:
     + disabled xrender extension and gpm support on hurd-i386 and
       kfreebsd-i386 now uniformly by dpatch [JS]
     + applied patch from Aurelien Jarno for correct handling xrender
       and gpm on FreeBSD/Linux; Thanks to him for his help [JS]
   * debian/rules:
     + added a get-orig-source target to [JS]
     + splitted the architecture dependent and independent parts; It's now
       possible to build just one of them. This should decrease the effort
       to build the package on slower machines (arm, hppa). [JS]
   * /usr/share/jed/lib/
     + added code to support slang_load_path and doc_path for
       /usr/share/slsh/ introduced with SLang2 [JS]
     + new function debian_startup() that evaluates the files in /etc/jed.d
       (This function is run by default with every startup, but not if
         * disabled with the --skip-debian-startup command line argument
         * jed is called via the `jed-script` symlink
        If a script needs the standard debian initialization (e.g. for
        functions in the jed-extra package), it can call debian_startup()
        explicitely. [GM]
   * /usr/share/doc/jed-common/Debian-Jed-Policy.txt:
     + added a first draft for a policy about packages for Jed [JS]
   * debian/jed-common.templates, debian/po/*:
     + converted to po-debconf [RL]
   * debian/jed-common.postrm:
     + fixed bugged shell code that slipped into version 0.99.16-6 of the
       package that makes the upgrade from that version fails [RL]
   [JS] Joerg Sommer <joerg at>
   [GM] Guenter Milde
   [RL] Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at>
 jed ( experimental; urgency=low
   +++ Changes by Rafael Laboissiere
   * New upstream release
   * debian/rules: Prevent compression of *.txt files in package
   +++ Changes by Guenter Milde
   * jed.d/ Support ~/.jed/jed.rc config file in accordance
     with  FHS 2.3
       User specific configuration files for applications are stored in the
       user's home directory in a file that starts with the '.' character (a
       "dot file"). If an application needs to create more than one dot file
       then they should be placed in a subdirectory with a name starting with
       a '.' character, (a "dot directory"). In this case the configuration
       files should not start with the '.' character.
     ATTENTION: This change means that if a user has a ~/.jed/ directory, JED
     will no longer search for ~/.jedrc at startup. Instead it expects the
     config file in ~/.jed/ (which will become the `Jed_Home_Directory').
     If a user creates a "~/.jed/" directory, he|she must move ~/.jedrc to
     ~/.jed/jed.rc (~/.jed/.jedrc is still found but deprecated).
   * linked the Debian specific startup configuration system
     (/etc/jed.d/ directory) to the native JED startup config via a
     file. As itself is not intended for configuration, it may
     reside in /usr/share/jed/lib/ without violating the FHS.
   * Added dependency on findutils (>= 4.2.9) which introduces the
     -delete option to `find` needed for update and removal.
 jed ( experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release
   +++ Changes by Rafael Laboissiere
   * Starting with this release, the *.slc files are generated at install
     time and not at build time as before.  This means that the *.sl files
     are included in jed-common and the jed-sl package is dropped.
   * Also, we have now a new scheme for byte-compiling all files in jed
     add-on package each time the jed-common package is upgraded.
   * debian/control:
     - Removed entry for jed-sl package
     - jed-common Conflicts with and Replaces jed-sl
     - Conflicts with jed-extra <= 1.0-1, because we are now using SLang2
       (Get SLang2-compatible extra modes from
   * debian/rules:
     - Dropped stuff related to jed-sl
     - (clean) Remove src/config.h, which is automatically generated by
       configure, but is not removed by make distclean.
   * debian/compile: New script to compile/remove the *.slc files.
   * debian/jed-common.postinst, debian/jed-common.prerm: Run
     /usr/share/jed/compile/jed-common with the appropriate arguments.
   * debian/jed-sl.*: Removed files
   +++ Changes by Joerg Sommer <joerg at>
   * changed headline of to name the correct file name
     (Closes: 307110)
   * moved /u/s/j/l/jed.conf to /u/s/d/jed-common/examples (Closes: 287781)
   * described the handling of ~/.jed/, if jed-extra is installed
     (Closes: 210274)
   * changed build strategy of installing files in packages. The old way
     (copying the files from the source tree) had some problems. Files
     are excluded by upstream installation were installed (jed.conf, Now, upstream Makefile installs in debian/tmp and
     from there the packages become filled.
   * build the executables without RPATH; lintian had warned
   * added jed-script and its man-page
   * debian/control:
     + removed jed-common dependency on slang
     + jed-common recommends xjed
     + changed description of jed-common
     + updated Standards-Version field; no points of the policy update
       affected this package
     + removed perl-base from Build-Depends because it is an essential
     + added debconf-2.0 as dependency for jed-common (needed by the user
       dialog for compiling sl-files or removing
   * rewrote rules to make more use of debhelper
   * moved /u/s/j/lib/jed.rc to examples and disabled searching for it in by setting Default_Jedrc_Startup_File = NULL
     (Closes: 219448)
   * removed 50_emacs-bindings.dpatch, because jed.rc is out of the way
     and emacs emulation is the default of jed
   * from now the user is asked if the sl files in jed-common should get
     pre-compiled after installation
   * if and exist and were changed, the user is
     asked if they should be removed; otherwise they are dropped silently
     (Closes: 266981)
   * added a space at the beginning of line in changelog file for the entry
     of the "14 Feb 2000"; lintian complained
   +++ Changes by Guenter Milde
   * moved the basic debian configuration stuff to jed.conf and removed
   * removed the setup of paste mode now superseded by the `paste' function
   * removed indent_buffer() and indent_region_or_line() from the basic
     configuration. (These functions are now in in jed-extra.)
   * removed the "registration" of home and local library directories from
     /etc/jed.d/ (this should be done by the user in .jedrc).
     Leaved the Jed_Home_Directory rewriting, as this allows the hiding of
     .jedrc in ~/.jed/.
 jed (0.99.16.pre. experimental; urgency=low
   +++ Changes by Rafael Laboissiere
   * New upstream release.  This is the development branch, a.k.a. the
     pre-0.99.17 series.  I am using a funny version number in order to
     avoid using epochs when jed 0.99.17 will be released.
   * This versions makes extensive use of dpatch.  The big Debian-specific
     patch that used to be in 0.99.16-* is now broken down in smaller
     - debian/patches/40_freetype-include
     - debian/patches/50_slangfun-txt.dpatch
     - debian/patches/50_jed-manpage-option-g
     - debian/patches/50_enable-xrenderfont
     - debian/patches/50_emacs-bindings
     - debian/patches/50_paste-mode-sl
     - debian/patches/60_gpm-mouse-support
   * debian/rules:
     - Do not build/install jgrep, because this program does not even
       compile against libslang2.
     - On-the-fly patching of src/Makefile for gpm and xrender support is
       dropped.  Used
   * debian/control: Build-depends on libslang2-dev (>= 1.99pre2r7-1)
 2d371046048cc7bd1686ee70c00ad495 971456 editors optional jed_0.99.18.orig.tar.gz
 78eaeea69396ec7f644bd9281c7f6045 787 editors optional jed_0.99.18-4.dsc
 4f584096e637843ccd9b735af28a3f7e 28128 editors optional jed_0.99.18-4.diff.gz

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