Accepted kwlan, kwlan_0.4.8-1ubuntu1_powerpc_translations.tar.gz 0.4.8-1ubuntu1 (powerpc, raw-translations)

Anthony Mercatante tonio at
Thu Aug 17 07:29:49 BST 2006

powerpc build of kwlan 0.4.8-1ubuntu1 in ubuntu edgy (236864) was ACCEPTED
kwlan_0.4.8-1ubuntu1_powerpc_translations.tar.gz ( was ACCEPTED

Format: 1.7
Date: Wed,  19 Jul 2006 21:20:47 +0200
Source: kwlan
Binary: kwlan
Architecture: powerpc_translations powerpc
Version: 0.4.8-1ubuntu1
Distribution: autobuild
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu/powerpc Build Daemon <buildd at ross.buildd>
Changed-By: Anthony Mercatante <tonio at>
 kwlan      - wpasupplicant frontend for KDE
 kwlan (0.4.8-1ubuntu1) edgy; urgency=low
   * Porting to ubuntu.
   * Added conflicts with network-manager, since wpa_supplicant fails
     to launch when network-manager is running.
   * Added kubuntu_01_kdepot for pot file extraction to rosetta.
 a3214d96d2129e229d709befdd3935ed 148884 kde optional kwlan_0.4.8-1ubuntu1_powerpc.deb
 f76e83225f7d5e51923f3d04201617ca 7964 raw-translations - kwlan_0.4.8-1ubuntu1_powerpc_translations.tar.gz

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