[ubuntu/disco-proposed] gnome-shell 3.31.92-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)

Iain Lane iain at orangesquash.org.uk
Wed Mar 6 17:25:17 UTC 2019

gnome-shell (3.31.92-1ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium

  [ Daniel van Vugt ]
  * Update ubuntu/background_login.patch to match the new login screen
    (system background) design from Yaru for a smooth login animation
    (LP: #1813119).

  [ Iain Lane ]
  * Merge with debian, remaining changes:
    + Replace gnome-backgrounds dep with ubuntu-wallpapers and Suggests
      gnome-themes-standard-data, gnome-backgrounds
    + Add some Recommends:
      - ubuntu-session (| gnome-session) to have the ubuntu session available
      - xserver-xorg-legacy
      - yaru-theme-gnome-shell for the default ubuntu theming
    + Update debian/gbp.conf with Ubuntu settings
    + gnome-shell-common.install: Install Ubuntu mode
    + gnome-shell-common.prerm: Remove deprecated ubuntu theme alternative
    + ubuntu/desktop_detect.patch:
      - add caching for desktop detection to avoid querying the current
        desktop env variable as iterate through the list each time. For the
        time of the Shell process, we can expect this env variable to stay
    + ubuntu/smarter_alt_tab.patch:
      - quick alt-tab (without showing up the switcher) switch only between
        the last window of the last 2 applications to be focused instead of
        raising all windows of those apps.
    + ubuntu/lightdm-user-switching.patch:
      - Allow user switching when using LightDM.
    + ubuntu/lock_on_suspend.patch
      - Respect Ubuntu's lock-on-suspend setting.
    + ubuntu/gdm.patch
      - as gdm is system-wide and not session-wide, ensure gdm has an ubuntu
        styling by default, not impacting the gnome user session though.
    + ubuntu/background_login.patch
      - Change default background color as we modified the default GDM color
        for our ubuntu session. Change it as well here, still applying the
        background noise loading.
    + ubuntu/gdm_alternatives.patch
      - Add support for GDM3 theme alternatives
    + ubuntu/block_mode_extension_update.patch
      - Don't allow ubuntu mode extension to update
    + optional-hot-corner.patch
      - enable patch proposed by upstream developer already in package (but
        not in series) to add a settings for optional hot corner activation.
    + volume-Add-back-sound-feedback-on-scroll.patch
      - Fix regression causing missing feedback on volume slider scroll
    + main-show-an-error-message-on-gnome-shell-crash.patch,
      - Improve debug JS tracing for crash reports
    + st-scroll-view-Handle-the-case-where-scrollbars-are-NULL.patch,
      - Fix crash on theme changes
    + ubuntu/search-call-XUbuntuCancel-method-on-providers-when-no-dat.patch:
      - stop searches when requested from UI
    + debian/patches/ubuntu/background_login.patch:
      - match Yaru theme in the ubuntu session instead of our previous GDM
    + debian/patches/ubuntu/resolve_alternate_theme_path.patch:
      - ensure we resolve finale theme file path to correctly load assets
        under gdm
    + debian/rules:
      - Run dh_translations and work around an issue with Rosetta and plural
    + Add desktop-icons to the Ubuntu session by default
    + Break nautilus << 3.30. We don't want two things trying to handle the
  * debian/patches/*: Refresh.
      - d/p/st-texture-cache-Cancel-sliced-image-loading-on-target-ac.patch:
        Drop, this is now upstream.

gnome-shell (3.31.92-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release
    + Add flags parameter in GrabAccelerators API
    + Always use symbolic user icon in system menu
    + Don't close on-screen-keyboard's language menu on hover
    + Don't let unfullscreen gesture interfere with top bar taps
    + Don't toggle on-screen keyboard on every focus change
    + Fix generating French OSK layout
    + Fix legacy tray icons not responding to events on wayland
    + Fix visual glitch in submenus
    + Hide trailing separator in search results
    + Only consider visible children for :first-child/:last-child
    + Remember choice in inhibit-shortcuts dialogue
    + Support fractional scaling
    + Use borderless round user images
  * control:
    + BD on mutter 3.31.92, the corresponding release for this Shell
    + BD on gjs 1.54, per upstream
  * Drop workaround_crasher_fractional_scaling.patch. Marco says this is
    probaly not required any more, and it was only ever intended to be a
    temporary workaround.
  * Cherry-pick c7342824 to fix `test-theme`
  * Add a BD <!nocheck> on gnome-settings-daemon-common.
    This is required for `test-theme`.

Date: 2019-03-06 15:12:13.272134+00:00
Changed-By: Iain Lane <iain at orangesquash.org.uk>
Signed-By: Ubuntu Archive Robot <cjwatson+ubuntu-archive-robot at chiark.greenend.org.uk>
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