[ubuntu/disco-proposed] kopanocore 8.6.92-1 (Accepted)

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Tue Jan 22 14:06:54 UTC 2019

kopanocore (8.6.92-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * [7a44c71] New upstream version 8.6.92
  * [37acb2d] rebuild patch queue from patch-queue branch
    added patches:
  * [d9c07f8] kopano-libs.symbols: update symbols to 8.6.92
  * [5571111] d/control: increase Standards-Version to 4.3.0
    No further changes needed.
  * [0a40554] d/control: increase to debhelper version 12 in B-D
    As now debhelper is now available with version 12 adjust the Build-Depends.
  * [4d6066b] apparmor kopano-search: sorting entries, add more rules
    Sort the entries so they are better sorted alphabetical and entries are
    in the some order of existing folders within the file system root folder.
    Also adding more obvious rules after some analysis of dmesg lines which
    did hold denied access messages.
  * [ff84436] kopano-common: turn package into Architecture: all
    This package does not have any Architecture specific files and can be
    shipped as Architecture independent package.
  * [1824d58] autopkgtest: use kopano-storeadm for creating the store
    Small adjustment within the autopkgtest smoke script to use the "correct"
    command for the creation of the user store.

kopanocore (8.6.91-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * [07e91b4] New upstream version 8.6.91
  * [d304356] rebuild patch queue from patch-queue branch
    removed patches (applied upstream):
  * [db3d5f0] kopano-libs.symbols: update symbols to 8.6.91
  * [30338ed] autopkgtest: adding kopano-utils to test target
    The kopano-utils package need to be added as an explicit dependency
    for the test target, otherwise the output of kopano-cli can't get tested.
  * [c2a39b1] d/kopano-server: remove /v/lib/k/attachments on purging
  * [a8cfa34] d/kopano-common: remove /v/log/kopano on purging
  * [b52d45d] kopano-server: use logrotate config from upstream
    We can drop the logrotate script we've added long ago by our self.
  * [e8929c2] d/rules: normalize sed call
    Without that we can't substitute the PHP version in the php-mapi.postrm
    script within the build.
  * [c803d6d] php-mapi: add a postrm script
    Adding a postrm script which will disable all possible enabled module
    usage of the provided mapi module if the package get purged.

kopanocore (8.6.90-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Carsten Schoenert ]
  * [c96dd73] d/watch: update file due changed upstream behaviour
    Modify the URI for the Kopano Core packages on GitHub to track the
    'releases' instead of 'tags'. Bump file also to version 4 compliance.
  * [1390c07] New upstream version 8.6.90
  * [9cf27a9] rebuild patch queue from patch-queue branch
    updated patch:
  * [d6e0199] d/control: adjusting build dependencies
    The build requires now libhx-dev and python-setuptools, package libopt-dev
    isn't needed any more.
  * [a87daf8] d/control: increase Standards-Version to 4.2.1
    No further changes needed.
  * [d04c7ff] kopano libs: update installation of libraries
    The libraries libkc{mapi,ssl,sync}.so aren't created any longer, but there
    is libkcpyplug.so as a new library.
  * [4e86b06] d/rules: detect PHP_VERSION dynamically
    Try to detect the current used PHP version while building the packages so
    this can be used later elsewhere.
  * [5d7f853] d/kopano-utils: adjust install for bash-completion
    The origin of the Bash completion files has been moved by upstream which
    is almost right but still needs some adjustment for the packaging.
  * [6af9235] kopano-libs.symbols: update symbols to 8.6.90
  * [13f712c] d/kopano-dagent: remove already commented out stuff
    Remove dead entries from the install sequencer file. We won't ever install
    files into /usr/bin/ with an file extension.
  * [cef6661] d/kopano-server: add additional man pages and AppArmor file
    New man pages provided by upstream for the kopano-server package, regarding
    kopano-{coredump,cfgchecker}. Also installing the provided apparmor files
    into /u/s/d/kopano-server/example-config/apparmor.d.
  * [d1233ee] d/kopano-utils: add kopano-ibrule
    Adding related files for kopano-ibrule (Inbox rule inspection and
    manipulation utility) to kopano-utils.
  * [595874f] move over to dh 12
    Let's start moving over to debhelper 12, even it's not released finally.
    A lot of useful additions are made (especially a improved dh-missing
  * [f0f09cb] d/control: adding various Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}
    Some packages (mainly with systemd units) need the Pre-Depends variable
    so deb-systemd-invoke can do the right thing while installation or
  * [50f775e] install various systemd unit files
    More systemd unit files are distributed by upstream, as for
  * [604265d] d/rules: remove *.la file more globally before install

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * [879b464] Drop unused configure options
    Options '--with-userscript-prefix' and '--enable-unicode' are not used
    and available any more.
  * [f5fc83a] Switch to python3
    Drop all Python2 packages we have provided until the previous upload and
    move them all into Python3 based packages. Thus the following changes are
    happen by this change:
    python-kopano  -->  python3-kopano
    python-mapi    -->  python3-mapi

  [ Carsten Schoenert ]
  * [bedd577] usr.sbin.kopano-server: update kopano-server apparmor profile
    Updating the AppArmor profile for kopano-server. Thanks Teun Kloosterman
    for this update.
    (Closes: #907400)
  * [cd8cf58] d/rules: remove zarafa things from tmp install folder
    We don't serve any Zarafa related packages or files thus we can ignore
    them and simply remove the related Python3 files before installing the
    content into the binary packages.
  * [5d37847] d/k-common.install: also install kopano-tmpfiles.conf
    More common used files that coming by the new upstream version.
  * [ee31d38] d/k-dagent.install: install the correct cfg file
    The configuration file was renamed to autorespond.cfg, adjust the
    installation accordingly.
  * [1bfd5fc] d/k-presence.install: install also Unit file
    Installing the systemd Unit file for k-presence now too, it was already
    prepared tough.
  * [6954f17] d/k-server.install.in: fix install for userscripts
    The userscripts are installed now into /usr/lib instead to /etc.
  * [6209c21] d/k-libs.symbols: updating after switch over to Python3
    Updating the entries due changed library names libkcpyconv-{2.7->3.6}.so
    and libkcpydirector-{2.7->3.6}.so.
  * [2510d5d] d/k-presence.install: adjust install of systemd unit
    The Unit file needs to go into /lib/systemd/system.
  * [7016d94] apparmor: allowing access to Python files
    The kopano-dagent profile needs read rights on the associated plugin files.
  * [b6c31fe] d/control: additional dependency for kopano-python
    python3-tz is now additional needed.
  * [26a0f00] autopkgtest: add new needed step for testing
    After the user is added to the database a store
    (kopano-admin --create-store) is also needed to be created for the user
    now. Adding this requirement to the autopkgtest.
  * [0a6587e] d/k-utils.install: add new files to install
    The binaries kscriptrun and mapitime are platform depended linked and act
    like private libs, thus they get installed like any other private library
    into usr/lib/MULTIARCH/kopano.

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * [0276892] Use dh_python3
    Due the move over to python3 based packages adjust the controlling of the
    build like using of ${python3:Depends} variable.
    To create a better usable installation layout of the Python3 related files
    within the upstream source another patch is added to the patch queue
    (which is also forwarded upstream). The related sequencer files for
    installing the Python3 binary packages got updated due the changes to
    installation of the upstream source.
  * [f740a86] kopano-utils: Add ${perl:Depends}
    kopano-utils should benefit from adding ${perl:Depends} to the Depends
  * [5535f06] dh_python3
    Extend the control file with more dh_python3 related additions.
  * [b966595] Ignore python3-rest for now
    Adding Python3 related kopano_rest files to not-installed so they get
    ignored by dh-missing for now.
  * [ea9ab85] Use packaged versions of lockfile and daemon
    Ignore the provided files from Kopano and use the Debian packages instead.
  * [21f9602] Use python3 everywhere
    Hard code the shebang for using python3 in all Python files which did have
    used a shebang of /usr/bin/python in the upstream source.
    Added these modifications to the patch queue.
  * [e3827c1] autopkgtests: install all packages
    Install all created packages while the autopkgtest and do a check of the
    option '--help' for the Python based files.
  * [a659ed6] apparmor: Be less strict on the Python binary and module paths
    Be more flexible with the Python version within the profile for
    kopano-search so the profile is usable in Python2 and Python3 environments.
  * [76e61f3] Python3 fixes
    One more patch for the patch queue related to the usage of Python3.
  * [cc63fb0] Depend on python3-bdbdb3
    Adding a additional package dependency to kopano-{backup,search,spamd}.
  * [91b4939] d/rules: Don't hardcode Python 3 version
    Related to [cd8cf58], after the modifications to the patch queue stuff get
    installed into usr/lib/python3 and thus the deletion of the old zarafa
    stuff needs an update in d/rules.
  * [2328c55] Don't ship upstreams apparmor profiles as examples
    Ignore the apparmor example config installation for k-server, upstream will
    adopt the changes made by Debian and Contributors.
  * [875be0f] kopano-search: Ship xslt for plain text conversion

  [ Carsten Schoenert ]
  * [182324e] d/k-dev.links.in remove obsolete sequencer file
    The file ldapmsplugin.so isn't shipped by upstream any more and we can drop
    the complete sequencer file as this was the only content.
    (Closes: #909622)
  * [45707a7] Revert "d/rules: detect PHP_VERSION dynamically"
    Revert commit [4e86b06] so the patches provided by Ondřej Surý can apply,
    we will need the variable PHP_VERSION anyhow later again.

  [ Ondřej Surý ]
  * [7c6aaea] Use default Debian PHP version provided by php-dev
    The provided patch was needing some adjustment as the sed call was getting
    broken otherwise.
    (Closes: 911360)
  * [a736023] Use wildcard to catch files for php-mapi.php

  [ Carsten Schoenert ]
  * [59dd0ea] kopano libs: update lintian override for libraries
    Adjust the lintian override due the changed library name after the Python2
    -> Python3 change.
  * [7d840e4] d/k-common.postinst: adding a override for SQL config
    Now the kopano-server is running as user 'kopano' the database access
    configuration file needs a modification of the owner and access rights.
  * [84fb468] kopano-server: do recursive chown on folder
    Also by the changed owner the kopano-server is running it has been shown
    the SysV init script for kopano-server needs also get modified so
    /var/lib/kopano can get accessed by kopano-server.
  * [ca0138f] systemd units: ignore some upstream service files
    At least for kopano-{dagent,presence,server} we have some more
    instructions within the unit files which ensures the correct behaviour
    while installation or package updates.
  * [4a03fd1] python3-mapi: be relaxed on the python minor version
    Just be lazy on The Python version and catch all 3.* versions while
    installing the python3-mapi files.
  * [a02f58e] kopano-libs.symbols: move over to Python 3.7 libraries
  * [2aebe5d] kopano-libs.symbols: adding information about dependency
    Adding Build-Depends-Package information.
  * [2e4e8d1] dh-php: change file extension php-mapi.{php->ini}
    The file extension needed for using dh_php seems to have changed again,
    Accordingly to the output of dh it's need to be *.ini or *.so.
  * [6f2fa25] php-mapi: adjust .install sequencer file
    Even after the change of the file extension for php-mapi the previous
    working dh_php call isn't working. So adding again a variable @PHP_VERSION@
    which will get substituted within debian/rules.
  * [d741a68] d/rules: (re-)introduce PHP_VERSION variable
    Adding the old functionality to read out the PHP version from php-dev and
    use this variable to be substituted in php-mapi sequencer files.
    It's a hack yes, but currently the only way to get the things dynamically

  [ Jelle van der Waa ]
  * [575c8dd] debian: Add missing perl dep's of kopano-migration-imap
  * [768f43a] debian: Add python3-pil as recommends

  [ Carsten Schoenert ]
  * [73bb2c3,507bfd8,41e094a] autopkgtests: various modifications on the
    autopkgtests so we can check the packages successfully
  * [67890b7] kopano-server.postinst: add optional dbc_debug line
    No functional change, just adding a line with a comment block about
    dbg_debug=1, useful in case we need to debug some dbconfig-common

Date: 2019-01-12 16:37:16.584829+00:00
Signed-By: Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it>
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