[ubuntu/disco-proposed] mono (Accepted)

Jeremy Bicha jeremy at bicha.net
Fri Jan 11 13:09:53 UTC 2019

mono ( unstable; urgency=medium

  The "I'm so, so sorry, ftpmaster" release

  [ Bernhard Urban ]
  * [7ca53d0] [ppc] use ucontext_t
    `struct ucontext` has been removed from glibc and `ucontext_t` has been
    around for a while now.
    Fixes a build failure on Ubuntu 18.04
    Related glibc change
    (cherry picked from commit 9cd9e3b0a13e1f0b757606e5966e1ce27722ed95)

  [ Harlan Lieberman-Berg ]
  * [9aae867] Drop unnecessary ca-certificates-mono.postinst (Closes: #907519)

  [ aviau ]
  * [47d2e56] gbp.conf: enable pristine-tar
  * [296bc2c] create mono-source package (Closes: #785308)
  * [668e16d] d/copyright: use secure format url
  * [d339338] d/control: priority extra -> optional

  [ Jo Shields ]
  * [efc0891] Change Vcs-* entries to Salsa
  * [9960af3] Refresh rules for mcs-only DFSG'd build, post-Mono-5.0
  * [d8f9736] Refreshed symbols
  * [1be6054] Remove obsolete assemblies from installation
  * [8901434] Reference assemblies are now part of src:mono
  * [e249532] Install BoringSSL on supported architectures
  * [062438b] Don't try to calculate dependencies of reference assemblies
  * [5fd002d] Don't depend on monodoc-browser. Thanks to Matthias Fritzsche.
    (Closes: #877090)
  * [4c04777] Dropped transitional package mono-dmcs (Closes: #878770)
  * [f115a37] Delete useless symlinks in clean
  * [5021287] Delete more useless stuff on clean
  * [4be83b8] Remove package version revision from symbols (not needed)
  * [1006783] Add new assemblies to packages
  * [8c4bedd] git-buildpackage syntax update
  * [1744153] New upstream version
  * [c5132dd] Allow binary-reference-assemblies to build with mcs instead 
    of Roslyn.
    Thanks to Alex Koeplinger
  * [2b81e3e] Don't install Roslyn during `make install`
  * [d61b571] CscToolExe in xbuild should be mcs, not Roslyn
  * [d4eae1a] Try to reconcile delta between master and merge branches
  * [929eba0] Fix tab/space Makefile error
  * [d085aec] i386 and amd64 are BTLS-capable too, not just ARM & s390x
  * [dccaa7f] Fails to compile against recent glibc on s390x
  * [1d77273] Remove some armel-specific symbols
  * [c8e9df1] Add a stub for mono_arch_get_interp_to_native_trampoline on 
    Based on 4d52a10ca048058202c39c4c2f3d05d783be9ae2
  * [8828206] A slew of s390x fixes from Neale Ferguson. Taken from 
  * [5f87a30] btls-interface only builds on BTLS arches, not all arches.
  * [f2559a4] Fix typo
  * [830ff38] Also delete nupkgs from tarball
  * [63bd53b] Big debian/copyright update
  * [fc95e4f] Build breaks with GCC 6 and above, so use 5. (Closes: #899395)
  * [b4aecb1] Offset fix from Neale (fixes --with-tls=__thread)
  * [82ae207] New upstream version
  * [de74481] Refresh dh_makeclilibs values. Avoid triggering transitions 
    for edge cases, they dont really benefit anybody other than bureaucratic
  * [4879ae6] New upstream version (Closes: #916161, #849655,
    #911658, #912043, #899395)
  * [cfd5349] Hard dep on cmake, needed for btls
  * [06de7d9] Build cil-stringreplacer.exe with .NET 4.7.1 (the only one in 
    our bootstrap)
  * [37060df] Fix case-sensitivity error in Makefiles
  * [314812d] Fix mtouch/mdroid ECMA key path when not in a dir called `mono`
  * [284b187] Refreshed symbols
  * [8647f6e] Fix Microsoft.VisualC assembly version
  * [ea2facd] Bump clilibs
  * [180165e] Revert "Add a stub for mono_arch_get_interp_to_native_trampoline 
    on MIPS"
    This reverts commit c8e9df1b45fe41294031d6dfdf94b6bb7c277213.
  * [7e9e20f] Add a fix for MIPS breakage in 
  * [cbd936f] TARGET_SIZEOF_VOID_P changes from 
    (cherry picked from commit 368c2424cf70515bc790a4caeee6cd74c20d1f24)
  * [9adb9cc] Fix for s390x which hasn't come in properly via merges
  * [83bc4bf] More aggressive cleaning in debian/rules
  * [54af581] New upstream version
  * [5de083c] Clean GFDL files from orig
  * [5002aa2] New upstream version

  [ Neale Ferguson ]
  * [c8723f7] Fix s390x build broken by incorrect specification of the msgfi 
    instuc… (#10026)
    Fix s390x build broken by incorrect specification of the msgfi 
    instruction used in MUL_IMM type operations. The instruction had been 
    encoded as its 32-bit counterpart (msfi).
    In addition, the s390x microcode makes the 
    mono_strength_reduction_division unnecessary so this can be bypassed.
    The change to basic.make is just to avoid error messages when 
    basic-profile-check.exe hasn't been built yet.
    (cherry picked from commit 975b9ccf1d7c76d5bc52203110e7a7af2be9d778)
  * [37a16aa] Fix s390x Outarg_VT (#10632)
    * Fix outarg_vt processing. Fixes #10549
    * Cleanup unused bits and pieces
    * Correct the handling of structures being retuned from a call
    * Restore vtcopy code etc.
    (cherry picked from commit a06e55e741f57b8565d74e08af646b53b87bf8cf)

Date: 2019-01-11 04:36:33.690768+00:00
Signed-By: Jeremy Bicha <jeremy at bicha.net>
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