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Sun Jul 24 02:18:47 UTC 2022


On Fri, Jul 15, 2022 at 8:28 PM Utkarsh Gupta
<utkarsh.gupta at> wrote:
> Since I'm at DebConf and thus will be travelling on 25th, I'd e-mail
> my vote on the list, please.
> Another thing to note is that I am with Mattia (here, at DebConf!) -
> so I'll take this liberty to ask him questions that I have after
> reading his application and vote thereafter. Let me know if that's
> problematic or anything.

I've asked the attached questions to Mattia in-person and I'm
convinced that he'll be a good addition to the core-dev team and thus
a net win for Ubuntu. Therefore, I'm +1 to his application. :)

- u
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0. Graham hasn't advocated your application even though he has sponsored
   38 packages. Is there a reason?

1. Why do you want to apply for core-dev?
   - what ACL or things are you missing?
   - are there other things that you intend to work on?

2. In your MOTU application, sil2100 asked if you're going through the
   sponsoring queue, et al. Is there an update to this?

3. Can you tell me the current dates for freezes for Kinetic, please?
   - where can I find them?

4. You say that the SRU team accepts way too many breaking changes, et al.
   - what really bothers you?
   - do you have suggestions/opinions to fix them?
   - as a core-dev, what will you tell a sponsoree who wants to SRU
     something like that?

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