DMB: proposal for minimum meeting attendance

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Tue Oct 5 12:01:24 UTC 2021

> To refresh the proposal, I think this is the current wording after
> previous discussion:
> "Any DMB member who fails to attend 6 consecutive scheduled DMB
> meetings (during a period no shorter than 12 weeks) shall be
> considered inactive and removed from membership in the DMB. Since the
> number of members required for quorum is 1/2 the number  of active DMB
> members, rounded up, the change in the number of active members will
> affect quorum. At such time as any DMB member is found to be inactive
> due to this rule, the current DMB chair will add an action item to
> schedule a public vote for a new DMB member. Previous DMB members,
> including those changed to inactive due to this rule, are eligible to
> run in the new election and any later elections. This proposal is not
> retroactive, and the attendance requirement shall start the first
> meeting after this proposal is adopted."
> I think there's been enough time for full discussion of this proposal
> from existing DMB members, and I've at least replied to all concerns
> expressed over email.
> I'd like to officially request a vote on this proposal starting
> immediately over email, to be completed before the next scheduled DMB
> meeting (which is on Oct 18, 2021).
> I'll start the vote with my +1.
> Rafael and Thomas, you provided +1 before, but I'm not sure if you
> were just agreeing or actually voting, so could you provide your vote
> again just for clarity?

I am still +1 to this statement. Thanks for re-checking!

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