Update Lubuntu Packageset

Thomas Ward teward at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 26 17:49:48 UTC 2021

With the approval of the Lubuntu Team (see the phab tasks on this [1] 
[2] [3]) the following is the list of alterations requested to the 
Lubuntu packageset:

REMOVE: caspar, chafa, ffmpegthumbnailer, galternatives, gle, imlib2, 
libconfig, libev, menu-cache, muparser, neofetch, node-marked, 
papirus-icon-theme, pass-otp, password-store, pwgen, tree, 
ttf-ancient-fonts, wvdial, wvstreams, xclip, xfonts-efont-unicode, xplc, 
xscreensaver, zsync

ADD: k3b, kcalc, kpmcore, lxqt-metapackages, muon, obconf-qt, openbox, 
partitionmanager, pavucontrol-qt, pinentry-qt, plasma-discover, 
qapt-deb-installer, qps, qterminal, qtermwidget, sddm, trojita, 

All other items not stated here for add or remove which are in the 
packageset should be left alone and kept as part of the packageset.


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