DMB 'rotating' chair list

Dan Streetman ddstreet at
Mon Dec 13 21:31:25 UTC 2021

For quite a few meetings now, our 'rotating chair' list hasn't quite
worked out, and we do a quick poll at the start of each meeting to
figure out who will chair.

As I don't *mind* chairing, I'd like to propose changing our rotating
list of who chairs each meeting to an opt-in list of DMB members who
actually want to, and actually will be able to, chair the meeting.

I'm not sure why anyone would object to that change, but does any member object?

If not, does any other member want to volunteer to be included in the
opt-in chairing list? I currently happen to have no conflicts for
either of our meeting times, so I should be available to chair at
almost all meetings.

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