MOTU & PPU application

Lukas Märdian lukas.maerdian at
Thu Nov 19 15:03:03 UTC 2020

Am 19.11.20 um 15:49 schrieb Rik Mills:
> On 19/11/2020 14:30, Lukas Märdian wrote:
>> Dear DMB members,
>> I hereby apply for membership in the MOTU team and as a co-maintainer of
>> the Netplan project I want to apply for the PPU at the same
>> time.
>> I have added myself to the agenda for 2020-12-14. Hopefully my
>> application can be reviewed and discussed, not at the next meeting (as
>> I'm on vacation on 2020-11-30), but at the following one on schedule, on
>> Monday 2020-12-14.
>> My application can be found here:
>> I'm looking forward to the #ubuntu-meeting.
>> Best regards,
>>      Lukas
> I see most of your recent work has been sponsored in main, so may I ask
> why not just apply for core-dev?
> Rik

Great question!

Indeed I do lot's of work in main, as part of my Ubuntu Foundations team 
membership, but often this depends on packages in universe, e.g. for 
triggering autopkgtests.

I guess I'm just being extra cautious here, going step by step. First 
collecting some more "hands-on" archive experience in universe, before 
potentially applying for core-dev in some more months.

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