Applying packageset exceptions transitively

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Tue Jun 9 14:58:21 UTC 2020

> On Sun, Jun 07, 2020 at 02:47:51AM -0300, Rafael David Tinoco wrote:
> > I will compare the results before and after your commit, tomorrow, to
> > see the changes. If all good, I'll commit the changes tomorrow,
> > checking all given exceptions given to us lately, and give you the
> > green light - if you still need it - to put more work into this.
> Thanks. I'll try to get back to this problem soon. But if someone else
> has motivation, I won't mind if they want to get there before me (could
> mentor if you want).

Yep, will take a deeper look and let you know.

> Basically I want to get to a state where you can essentially automate
> the running of these scripts, since we have a fair few folks using these
> automatically generated upload rights now. Here's something for the DMB
> to think about wrt exceptions:
> The exceptions file should be used when a package ends up in the *wrong*
> automatically generated set and needs to be overridden into a different
> one. This only needs to happen when something ends up in a 'more core'
> set, e.g. core -> desktop or desktop -> xubuntu. For all other cases,
> the flavour which wants the package should normally get it if they've
> seeded it, or if for some (good) reason they need to be able to upload
> it without seeding it on an image, they can use their own supported seed
> to self-serve this.
> Feel free to put something like that in the knowledge base if it's
> helpful for you.

Will do.

> Cheers,


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