Include fprint packages in the in ubuntu-desktop set

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at
Sun Jun 7 16:09:40 UTC 2020

> So I went back into the archive and it looks like this was discussed
> some last June:
> specifically the threads involving cyphermox and Laney and gunnarhj:
> After reading those, I think I have even less understanding of why the
> desktop-core packageset exists ;-)  I *think* it's because it's used
> during germinate, but that seems strange as the point of a
> "packageset" seemed (to me, at least) to involve permissions, but that
> doesn't appear to be how some of these package-sets are being used.
> Anyway, we have an existing action item to (at least) document the dmb
> packageset script tooling, so maybe after that's done it will be a bit
> clearer to me, or maybe someone else on the dmb understands this
> better...
> For now, I'll add your requests to the email section of the dmb agenda
> for the next meeting (unless any other dmb member wants to handle them
> before the meeting).

@ddstreet, this packageset seem to exist because of a transition that
has happened:

Ubuntu Studio desktop core seed

Task-Per-Derivative: 1
Task-Section: user
Task-Description: Former Ubuntu Studio minimal DE installation
Task-Extended-Description: This task is a dummy task
Task-Key: ubuntustudio-desktop-core
Task-Name: ubuntustudio-desktop-core
Task-Seeds: desktop-common

Seed is empty during transition to KDE Plasma desktop environment

* (ubuntustudio-desktop)
* ubuntustudio-desktop-core

If my reading is right, it looks like after updating package-sets from
the seeds we will have to clean up some of them.

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