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Hi, Eric,

1. If the proposed-migration scripts say that the package is a valid candidate, but it still hasn't gone into the release pocket, this is because installing the package will break some other package. I should consider my package's dependencies.
And to investigate, I should refer to the textual output: , it gives hints as to which packages break when a valid candidate is added to the release pocket.

2. Seeds are the lists of packages we want to include in the distribution. If the distribution maintainer want to add or drop some
software from the distribution, he should modify the corresponding file of seeds, just as the Ubuntu Seeds commits show:


在2020年01月29 21时49分,"Eric Desrochers"<eric.desrochers at>写道:

Hello Handsome_feng,

1. You uploaded a package in the current active development release, the package is marked as 'Valid candidate' but you don't see it in the release pocket yet.  
What you would do and where would you go to investigate that particular situation ?

2. What's a seed ? Can you think of a reason to modify one ?


On Tue, Jan 28, 2020 at 12:02 PM handsome_feng <jianfengli at> wrote:

Hi, Lukasz,

1. Feature Freeze: At this point ubuntu stop introducing new features, packages, and APIs (those are what we can't do), and concentrate on fixing bugs in the development release (this is what we can do).
   User Interface Freeze:  The user interface must be stabilized at this point, after the user interface freeze (UIF), the follow things must not change any more without approval of the release team and notification to the documentation and translation teams:
   a. the user interface of individual applications which are installed by default,
   b. the appearance of the desktop,
   c. the distribution specific artwork,
   d. all user-visible strings in the desktop and applications which are installed by default.
   And we can get the date of Feature Freeze and UIF from
   If we need an exception, we need to follow the steps show as
   for example, I have done this before:

  2.  Depends: Package A depends on Package B if B absolutely must be installed in order to run A. 
       Recommends: Package A recommends Package B, if the package maintainer judges that most users would not want A without also having the functionality provided by B.
       Suggests: Package A suggests Package B if B contains files that are related to (and usually enhance) the functionality of A.


 在2020年01月28 18时31分,"Lukasz Zemczak"<lukasz.zemczak at>写道:

Hello handsome_feng!

Thank you for applying for ubuntukylin-dev membership! Could you
answer these questions for me?

1. Could you explain what are the Feature Freeze and User Interface
Freeze periods in Ubuntu. What can and cannot be done after those
dates? How can you ask for exceptions?
2. In debian packaging (debian/control), regarding package
inter-dependencies, what are the differences between a Depends,
Recommends and Suggests?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,

On Tue, 28 Jan 2020 at 07:04, handsome_feng <jianfengli at> wrote:
> Hi, DMB,
> I am handsome_feng, and my real name is Li Jianfeng, I am from Changsha, China. I joined the Ubuntu Kylin team in 2014, I am mainly responsible for the maintenance of kylin packages. You can find more detailed information in my application wiki.
> Thank you very much for acommnodate me and accept the application of interview using email communications. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions. :)
> Regards,
> handsome_feng
> 在2020年01月28 04时18分,"Eric Desrochers"<eric.desrochers at>写道:
> Hi,
> Due to the timezone challenge for "handsome_feng" to join the regular irc meeting, the DMB team will accommodate "handsome_feng" and conduct the application interview using email communications.
> "handsome_feng" is applying for ~ubuntukylin-dev membership. The wiki page can be found here:
> As a first step, "handsome_feng", could you please introduce yourself to the DMB team ?
> Meanwhile, I consider the period of DMB questions open. The question period will be starting today (Monday / January 27th) and will end on Monday (February 3rd) which then will be followed by the final DMB vote.
> Regards,
> Eric (On behalf of the DMB team)
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