Please add new printing-related packages to my upload rights into main

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at
Thu Feb 20 18:07:34 UTC 2020


I have per-package upload rights for printing-related packages.

I would like to have the following packages added to my upload rights to 
main as I am working on them sometimes for printing-related issues (it 
is possible that I already have upload access for one or another):


This is the Common Print Dialog Backends infrastructure of OpenPrinting, 
AFAIK already used by LibreOffice but planned to be used also by the GTK 
and Qt print dialogs. It separates print technology (CUPS, Google Cloud 
Print, Print to File, ...) support implementation from the GUIs, so that 
changes in print technologies can be supported centrally and new print 
technologies can be supported in all print dialogs by installing a snap.

SANE (sane-backends, sane-frontends, ...)

This is the framework to make scanner work under Linux. Due to the fact 
that many printers are multi-function devices with built-in scanner I 
also working on support of these devices, so uploading SANE would be 
very helpful for me.


This is the implementation of DNS-SD under Linux. Modern printers and 
also CUPS servers are advertising services in the network via DNS-SD and 
often problems can be solved with a fix on Avahi.

Can you add these packages to the list of packages where I have
upload rights on? Thanks.

I would also appreciate very much if I could get these permissions 
before Feature Freeze for Ubuntu 20.04.


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