ubu-dev-request: day/night modus auto-switch

oxy oxyopes at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:35:39 UTC 2018


it wouls be nice if one could write alway from the ubu-system-settings
activate a day/night switch modus for the whole system.

Right now i am doing it manually every day .... sucks.

No time to write a script for it.

One can however easily configure a switch this way:
1) set a unity theme for day and for night modus
2) set a firefox/chrome theme for both as well
3) set day/night switch times
4) leave a button for manual switch with easy-fast access

Day/night  modi have became very popular in many websites and apps.
Ubuntu could take a step ahead here. The themes are already there, we
just need an auto-switch mechanism.

Thx for reading!

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