Re-generate the list of my personal packageset?

Brian Murray brian at
Wed May 10 17:58:31 UTC 2017

On Mon, May 08, 2017 at 05:44:58PM +0100, Robie Basak wrote:
> @DMB
> We concluded in today's meeting that Aron's network-manager(*?) and dkms
> requests need further discussion as they are seeded. Please discuss.
> Context:

As I mentioned in the meeting I agree with Robie that network-manager is
a "step-up from some packages in universe" in part because it is seeded
and that the DMB should setup some criteria for determining what
qualifies as a package that deserves extra consideration for the DD

In this particular case I'm concerned about the fall-out of an SRU of
network-manager to Ubuntu 16.04 which resulted in LP: #1676547 reported
by me. I realize that network-manager did go through the SRU process and
that your not having package upload rights would not have prevented
this, but I'm curious about the tending of network-manager issues.

Aron, before these emails had you seen or were you aware of this
specific bug report?

If you weren't what systems could you put into place so that you become
notified of critical issues?

Additionally, what could you have been done differently to prevent this
from being an issue?

Brian Murray
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