The application of fossfreedom for the budgie packageset upload rights - e-mail vote thread

Lukasz Zemczak lukasz.zemczak at
Tue Mar 28 15:10:14 UTC 2017


Sadly, after receiving the final missing vote, David's application has
been rejected (Votes for:3 Votes against:3 Abstentions:1).

Even though this vote took much longer than expected for which we
apologize, some of it was caused by the fact that the application was
targeting a yet non-existent packageset which made it rather ambiguous
from the formal perspective. The situation might have been a bit
clearer if there first was a packageset created (with the help of the
TB). Anyway, we encourage to try again in the near future!

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On 13 March 2017 at 22:14, Lukasz Zemczak <lukasz.zemczak at> wrote:
> Just an update: this vote is still in progress as we need a final vote
> from Adam. Currently the count stands:
> Votes for:3 Votes against:2 Abstentions:1
> Adam: could you take a look at David's application and send out a vote
> here in the nearest time?
> Thanks!
> On 13 February 2017 at 19:27, Brian Murray <brian at> wrote:
>> On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 09:43:39AM +0100, Lukasz Zemczak wrote:
>>> Hello everyone!
>>> On the yesterday's additional DMB meeting we have been reviewing the
>>> application of David Mohammed
>>> ( He
>>> wants to apply for membership upload rights to the yet non-existing
>>> (but proposed) budgie packageset - his application lists what packages
>>> he wants the packageset to include. This is all to enable smoother
>>> work for the upcoming new official flavor of Ubuntu Budgie [1].
>>> Future budgie packageset proposed contents: budgie-desktop,
>>> budgie-desktop-environment, budgie-artwork, budgie-welcome,
>>> budgie-wallpapers, arc-theme, moka-icon-theme, faba-icon-theme,
>>> rhythmbox-plugin-alternative-toolbar, budgie-indicator-applet,
>>> ubuntu-budgie-meta
>>> During the meeting his application didn't get the required number of
>>> +1 to pass and the vote got hung, now requiring the input of the
>>> remaining DMB members. The current vote status after the meeting:
>>> Votes for:3 Votes against:1 Abstentions:1
>>> We would like to kindly request those DMB members that couldn't attend
>>> and did not submit their votes to familiarize with the application at
>>> hand (and the discussion around it [2]) and vote here through e-mail
>>> as soon as possible.
>> Sorry for the delay, I saw this mentioned in today's meeting logs.
>> I'm a -1 at this point in time and agree with Robie's assessment.
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>> Brian Murray
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