Please add additional packages to my MATE package set

Martin Wimpress martin.wimpress at
Tue Mar 14 18:44:06 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I'd like to request a couple of additional packages be added to my
(flexiondotorg) MATE package set:

  * mate-calc from the Source package: mate-calc
  * mate-applet-brisk-menu from the Source package: brisk-menu

mate-calc has made a come back upstream and is now the official
calculator for the MATE Desktop. Brisk Menu is an efficient menu for
the MATE Desktop.

I'd like to upload a bug fix release of Brisk Menu and the final
release of mate-calc to Zesty in time for final beta. Both have been
built and tested in PPAs.

Thanks in advance,.

Regards, Martin.

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