USB Drives with your Logo - Custom made

Stephanie stefaniepan at
Mon Mar 13 11:37:23 UTC 2017


I am interested in reaching the person at your company that handles logo

We manufacture custom printed LOGO USB flash drives for companies of all
sizes across the country.
These USB drives with your logo printed are perfect for promotion, gifts
and incentives.

When you hand them out, your logo, website, phone number will be printed or
engraved for all to see.
It is a way to get your name out in the market and deliver your information

Let us know what memory size you would be interested in?
We offer ALL memory sizes up to 128GB, with low quantity minimums!

Our most popular choice right now are 100% custom designed USB flash
Instead of our selection of stock models, we can produce a custom flash
drive for you in the shape of your logo or product!

We are always running a promotion, just ask -
Email for a quick quote.

Let us know what you need and we will send a price quote.
We always offer special rates for schools and nonprofits as well.


Stephanie Medson
National Sales Assistant
Logo / Branded Flash Drives

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