make commercial floors safe

Jeff Wilson weirany at
Mon Sep 19 13:50:08 UTC 2016

Are any of your floors slippery?

If so, we have the solution to your problem.

We are a 27 year old U.S. company that has been solving America's slip
fall problem since 1989.

One treatment makes ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile, marble, granite,
concrete, etc.

slip resistant and safe for a minimum of 4 years, Indoors
or Outdoors.

We can also make wood, metal, glass and vinyl floors slip
resistant also.

Some of our customers include
McDonalds, Burger King
Sheraton, Hilton,
Mercedes, Toyota, Pfizer

Apply yourself or have our trained technicians do the application.
Nationwide service available.

Contact us for further information and website. Be sure to include your
address and telephone number.

Jeff Wilson

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