Please add packages to qt5 package set

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Wed Sep 9 08:05:36 UTC 2015


I'd like you to consider adding the following new/missing Qt modules
that need to be touched on each Qt version update: appmenu-qt5
fcitx-qt5 gsettings-qt pyqt5 qtenginio-opensource-src qtmir qtmir-gles
qtstyleplugins-src qtubuntu qtubuntu-gles qtwayland-opensource-src
qtwebkit-examples-opensource-src. A few are in main, most I would have
permissions to upload already via MOTU but they're useful to have
listed as "needed for Qt 5".

There are also two more main packages requiring updating when
upgrading Qt that start to deviate from the Qt 5 theme at least naming
wise. I'm not so sure about them: ubuntu-ui-toolkit webbrowser-app.
Both are/provide a Qt 5/QML module, though.


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