Decoupling membership from certain upload rights

Iain Lane laney at
Tue May 28 09:40:20 UTC 2013

Hi all,

[ Should this go to ubuntu-devel instead? ]

For quite some time the DMB has been considering the idea of weakening
the requirement that all uploaders must be Ubuntu members, in order to
make it easier for people to gain upload rights to Ubuntu if they
deserve them.

We've formulated a draft policy that we wish to put out for
consultation. It's definitely not completely finished yet — I've
included an outstanding questions section that includes some things I
thought of, for example.

Please read it and comment inline. DMB members will read questions and
update the main text as needed.

I think that we should aim to get this finished and voted on at our DMB
meeting in three weeks (June 17th).


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