MOTU upload rights

Kilian Krause kilian at
Tue Mar 13 17:53:40 UTC 2012


after sponsoring quite some Ubuntu packages into Debian and having just
completed the security upload push for fex from Debian into Ubuntu I'd like
to take the opportunity and apply for straight MOTU upload rights and not
have to wait for (fake) sync's to catch my next uploads and debian-mentors

I've already added my application page[1] to the Agenda of the next meeting
(Mar 23, 19:00 UTC = 20:00 CET) yet I'd like to excuse already for being
late as I'm not home before ~20:30 CET (= 19:30 UTC) on Mondays. Looking at
the agenda I'd say that shouldn't be much of an issue. If however you'd
rather have me on another live interview or prefer running me through the
application process via email please let me know.


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