[Bug 44962] Re: Laptop dims on startup even on AC

Mathieu Bérard mathieu.berard at crans.org
Wed Jan 31 20:56:37 UTC 2007

I am the new de-facto maintainer of the "omnibook" kernel module
I confirm that the number of brightness levels can the 8 or 11 depending on the laptop model.
Old (before august 2006) versions of the module always assumed it was 11.
This issue is fixed in svn as max level is:
-printed in /proc/omnibook/lcd (ex: 'LCD brightness:  5 (max value: 7)' ) 
-exported to the backlight class device interface for access via sysfs
HAL needs either to use the sysfs interface or to take into account the max level exported in the /proc file.
However due to lack of hardware documentation I still need to know what is the actual max brightness level for each supported laptop models.
Anybody who hit this bug should contact me so I can update the hardware database of the module. Thanks.

Laptop dims on startup even on AC

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