[Bug 82539] gedit doesn't close files (and blocks CDROM eject)

psl slansky at usa.net
Wed Jan 31 20:17:04 GMT 2007

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: gedit

Ubuntu 6.10, x86, gedit 2.16.1

gedit doesn't close binary files properly. I tried to open (drag and
drop) files from mounted CDROM in gedit. gedit warned me that it cannot
detect character encoding, it offered some character sets. I selected
CANCEL. Latter I found that file is still open in gedit when I was
unable to umount CDROM. I used gedit to check files on CDROM, I was
looking for some text files to read, I was not interested in binary

$ lsof /dev/cdrw 
gedit   29196  oem   16r   REG  22,64 10648 1871 /media/cdrom1/isolinux.bin
gedit   29196  oem   17r   REG  22,64  2048 1863 /media/cdrom1/boot.cat
gedit   29196  oem   18r   REG  22,64 10648 1871 /media/cdrom1/isolinux.bin

$ ps aux | grep 29196 | grep -v grep
oem      29196  0.1  1.5  66404 23696 ?        S    20:20   0:04 gedit

Steps to replicate:
1) open some regular text in gedit; this step is needed to have gedit copy up and running
2) put CDROM with some Linux to your CDROM
3) Ubuntu should mount CDROM
4) start new copy of gedit from menu, we will use this new gedit for our demo
5) open CDROM folder and 'drag and drop' some binary file to gedit
6) gedit should display message that it "cannot detect character encoding"
7) select CANCEL
8) I expect that gedit will release binary file after CANCEL but it seems that file is still open. Test with lsof tool.

** Affects: gedit (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Unconfirmed

gedit doesn't close files (and blocks CDROM eject)

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