[Bug 76944] Re: Improve yelp index layout

Don Scorgie don at scorgie.org
Wed Jan 31 17:17:18 UTC 2007

Results can be seen at http://scorgie.org/UHC-Feisty.png

Its pretty messy.  The XSLT section to look at is in the <otherwise>
block in stylesheets/toc.xsl.  All the strings are in data/toc.xml.in

You'll get the idea for adding more topics and questions (don't forget
to add them to src/yelp-toc-pager.c as xml_trim_title).  The formatting
will need playing around with a bit.  I haven't fixed the FAQ alignment.

Other TOC pages lose the left sidebar.  Not sure about the hit in terms
of speed to load the front page, but my brain says it shouldn't be a
huge hit (I won't go into details of the twisted workings of my mind).

The docs that used to be on the front page are in a new TOC section
(OldFront), if needed (GNOME User Guide, A11y guide and sys admin

The patch probably conflicts with other Ubuntu patches (sorry, didn't
really check this), so may need some careful surgery to make them all
work together harmoniously.

With the (hopeful) introduction of Spoon next cycle, this work should be
easier.  I think (and hope).

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Improve yelp index layout

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