[Bug 43352] Re: ipp jobs not purged; purging causes 100% cpu usage

jbakuwel jan.bakuwel at hccnet.nl
Mon Jan 29 21:24:12 UTC 2007

Hi Peter,

I'm not sure who is waiting for what. The bug is (still) here. I'd be 
more than happy to provide more info but it seems no one is listening?


Peter Cherriman wrote:
> What info are we waiting for on this bug?
> I'm seeing effectively the same problem.
> My printer is connected via parallel port and via the ethernet port on
> the printer.
> If I send a job via the IPP protocol directly to the printer's EpsonNet
> interface, the job prints but is never removed from the print queue, and
> the printer reports it is waiting for completion in the gnome print
> manager. This was not problem in breezy.
> I can manually remove the job from the printer queue. This sometime
> causes the HTTP cups process to burn cpu cycles, but not always. However
> it does continue to generate network traffic until it is killed. The
> process is of the form:
> 104 pjc 1
> Resolution=600x600dpi PageRegion=A4 InputSlot=Default
> Halftoning=Grayscale PageSize=A4 orientation-requested=3 sides=two-
> sided-long-edge job-uuid=urn:uuid:1c49cbe7-eddd-3010-7484-77f2db4390f6
> This maybe due to the printserver in my Epson EPL5800 printer's network
> card not reporting completion, but as I said it wasn't a problem in
> breezy.
> The printer works perfectly it I use LPD protocol instead of IPP via the
> ethernet interface or using the parallel port interface.
> So this maybe a subtle bug in the http backend which does handle some
> IPP printservers which may not be fully compliant.
> pjc at ubuntu:~$ lpinfo -v
> network socket
> network beh
> network http
> network ipp
> network lpd
> direct parallel:/dev/lp0
> direct canon:/dev/lp0
> direct epson:/dev/lp0
> network smb
> So is then any info that I can provide to help fix this bug?

ipp jobs not purged; purging causes 100% cpu usage

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