[Bug 80342] Re: File manager hangs when creating properies for asf file

Mr Canis mr_canis at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jan 28 22:36:30 UTC 2007

Hello Sebastien Bacher,
that doesn't work.
I did following:

1) start gdm in a terminal
2) I follow the instruction from the site under point "Already running
3) I open a file manager window, go into the directory where the asf
file resides. Than open, from the context menu, the properties. A
dialogue appears, which me tells that the file manager are creating the
properties and that's all, nothing happens further. I wait 10 minutes
and press the cancel button. The dialogue disappears but the directory
is unusable, nothing works.
4) I type in the terminal window CTRL+C and gdb terminates without any

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
                  Mr Canis

Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> You can get a backtrace of the hang by doing "ctrl-C" on the gdb prompt
> when it's hanging and then typing "thread apply all bt". If the 10
> second video does hang the file manager it would be useful, if not there
> is no real point for it

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File manager hangs when creating properies for asf file

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