[Bug 78985] Re: Make totem-xine the default for totem

mangar mycrapaccount at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 09:46:19 UTC 2007

gstreamer's deficiencies in comparison to xine are not limited to dvd

1. playing streaming media doesn't work as well as xine
   (especially wmv streaming media) - in many cases - not at           
   all - this is a huge issue.

2. playback of corrupted/partial files is very cpu intensive.
3. subtitles support is partial (more of a totem issue).

someday, gstreamer will be as good as xine, mplayer, or vlc;
for the time being, please provide the end-user the best possible solution available today, and when gstreamer will be mature enough, than consider adding it back to ubuntu stack - gstreamer have been in ubuntu for several releases now, and haven't improved yet.

mplayer seems to have the best success ratio at playing streaming media, rather than gstreamer or xine.

Make totem-xine the default for totem

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