[Bug 64851] Re: Menu editor inconsistent behaviour

WW wweckesser at mail.colgate.edu
Fri Jan 26 14:53:20 UTC 2007

I can confirm problem 2 listed above, using alacarte in Dapper.

I created a menu entry in a submenu.  I used the icon button to
bring up the Icon Selector window, browsed for the directory that
I wanted, selected the icon, and clicked on OK in the Icon Selector
window.  The icon showed up in the Entry Editor window, but *not*
in the Alacarte Menu Editor window, and it still did not appear
after closing the Entry Editor window.  I edited the entry again,
selected the icon again, and then selected Run In Terminal.  This
caused the icon to appear back in the Alacarte Menu Editor.  So I
clicked again on Run In Terminal (since I don't actually want that
option), and closed the Entry Editor.  Now the menu has the icon
that I selected.

I have had other problems with the Name not being updated after
changing it in Entry Editor, but at the time I didn't try the
"click on Run In Terminal twice" trick.

Menu editor inconsistent behaviour

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