[Bug 50838] Re: USB dead after unplugging default USB audio adapter

backd00r spankme at backd00r.org
Fri Jan 26 02:57:16 UTC 2007

Just wondering if you upgraded ntfs-3g and pmount from cabspace? I have
been experiencing similar problems, though my hardware setup is
different. Using a desktop, with the onboard sound disabled in BIOS, and
using an Edirol UA-25 usb capture box. Had everything working perfectly
till I tried to upgrade said apps to the beta versions availbale on
cabspace, but somewhere along the line, it broke gnome-volume-manager or
something associated, and I could no longer remount *any* usb device. I
just finished forcing the downgrade to the stable ubuntu version and
everything has come back to life. Thought it may help.

USB dead after unplugging default USB audio adapter

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