[Bug 79501] Re: Control Panel Hates Alacarte

Paul Williams paul at smoothweb.net
Tue Jan 16 15:45:58 UTC 2007

** Description changed:

  In Feisty, the Control Center is a total failure.
- For some reason, all of the programs that used to be in System >
- Preferences and System > Administration have been removed from Alacarte.
+ I use a program called Ubuntu System Panel. In this program's applications menu, the applications list is drawn from the .desktop files that Alacarte configures.
+ With the new version of gnome-control-center, the .desktop files that used to be in "System" in the default main menu have been removed. Now, the only way to configure the system is through the control center, which man Feisty testers are unpleased with (http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=338869)
- This is horrible for people that use menus other than the gnome-main-menu (e.g., Ubuntu System Panel) because now none of the programs that were previously in System>Prefs/Admin can be accessed except with using Alt+F2, or from the terminal.
- I really how this will be reverted in a later release of Feisty.
+ All that I am requesting is that the "System" .desktop files be readded
+ to the system. This way, users can choose whether they want to display
+ the System > Preferences and the System > Administration applications.
  Main Menu - No Preferences - http://www.smoothweb.net/images/cc.png
  USP - No Preferences - http://www.smoothweb.net/images/cc1.png

Control Panel Hates Alacarte

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