[Bug 59959] Re: [totem-xine] Fullscreen controls don't autohide

saads shakhshir at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 02:23:02 UTC 2007

What do you mean by focus mode?  If you are referring to how windows
come into focus using the mouse then I haven't changed the default
behavior - the window comes into focus when I click on it not when the
mouse moves hovers over it.

If I play a movie in full screen with totem-xine then the controls show
up and are supposed to disappear after a few seconds.  They don't
disappear but after a few seconds the controls are not "active" because
the time indicator does not continue to increase.  When I move my mouse
again the time will update properly to the current location in the movie
and it will update for a few more seconds until it is supposed to
disappear again.  At which point it won't disappear but will remain
onscreen with a stopped clock and progress bar.

[totem-xine] Fullscreen controls don't autohide

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