[Bug 15046] Re: Gnome-pilot does not start by default

Matt Davey mcdavey at mrao.cam.ac.uk
Thu Jan 11 10:04:37 UTC 2007

Murray says "I can't sync", but it's not clear whether this is just an
example of the known Edgy problems (i.e. with gnome-
pilot-2.0.14-0Ubuntu2) or something else.  He could try installing the
packages I rolled (see gnome bug 365181, comment 14) and see if that
fixes matters.

Failing that, it's the usual triage: kill off any running gpilotd.  Run
it in a terminal window.  Likewise for gpilotd-control-applet if you
need to run that.  Then try to sync and report messages displayed at the

Gnome-pilot does not start by default

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