[Bug 78431] Re: Importing a cd in rhythmbox does not work

Damiano Dallatana damidalla at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 19:52:35 UTC 2007

"rhythmbox -d" prints out too many things.
I just tried again saving everything on a .txt file.
The only strange thing I found that _could_ be related to this is:

[free_dbus_error] rb-generic-player-source.c:716: finding audio player
udi: dbus error: No property info.capabilities on device with id

However, I attach a .tar.gz archive containing the whole log file
(originally 1.8 MB). The only action I tried was opening the cd and
trying to copy it...

(obviously, I am at your disposal for anything you could need...)

** Attachment added: "output (standard error) of "rhythmbox -d""

Importing a cd in rhythmbox does not work

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