[Bug 49221] Re: Unable to start applications after suspend/hibernation

Josh Burdick jburdick at gradient.cis.upenn.edu
Wed Jan 3 06:43:49 UTC 2007

I have this problem too, on an MSI 270, Sempron, i386.  I've certainly
had the problem in Dapper, possibly before, now in Edgy.  I didn't
report it, because I figured my report would surely be a duplicate...

Blacklisting "psmouse" doesn't help; furthermore IIRC the pointer is
consistent about moving after suspend.  So I don't think it's a driver
issue.  Also keyboard works, I can switch VTs, etc.  Furthermore, in
Edgy at least, it's sometime inconsistent; once today for instance I
could switch tabs in Firefox, but nothing else.  That suggests it's not

Does the time get reset every time you resume?  My guess, talking
through my hat, is that GNOME discards events with late-enough time
stamps (as it probably should; if the system were so busy that it's
getting ten-second-old mouseclicks, probably best to discard them.)

But if the clock gets updated by ntpdate or hwclock, there might be a
significant timeslip that's bolloxing things up.  Just guessing.

Indeed, I'll try commenting out the business end of
/etc/acpi/resume.d/50-time.sh , (that is, the hwclock call), and see if
that helps.

(I am of course amazed that suspend-to-RAM works as well as it does; the
fact that it does is probably why this sort of thing is actually evident

Unable to start applications after suspend/hibernation

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