[Bug 63107] Re: Current gtk+ has a critical bug crashing apps, please upgrade gtk+.

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 30 21:01:44 UTC 2006

there is no need to be worried, we still have several weeks to fix bugs and regression like that crasher are usually fixed quickly. Your bug is not really optimal for several reason:
- the subject doesn't describe the bug clearly
- the description mentions there is a bug without any clear description of what the bug does and how to get it happening
- why are the "*" to "*last night*" useful for? Pointing that we are some hours late on CVS? Do you know any distribution shipping non-tarballs version? If that's to point to maintainer they are slow to do their job that's probably not the case and there is no need to force on that point
- you ask "Please upgrade gtk+ to the latest version" where the package is the uptodate version, there is no new version to upgrade to

We appreciate your enthousiast to try getting that issue fixed though.
Maybe you can think about that next time you open a bug to make it
easier to deal with by the maintainers. Ubuntu gets a lot of bug and
having to ask several questions to understand what your issue is makes
the job non-optimal for people working on it. Anyway the bug should be
fixed now, let we know if it works for you

Current gtk+ has a critical bug crashing apps, please upgrade gtk+.

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