[Bug 63087] Re: Menu bar won't start up.

ebeyer beyere at mac.com
Sat Sep 30 15:31:07 UTC 2006

OK.  Here goes.

I have an x86 (celeron) based PC that had been running ubuntu 6.06.  I upgraded online and reset the system.
Now, whenever I log in, I have my background, whatever icons I had, but the toolbars on the top and bottom
of the screen are blank.  This happens when I log in to the Xgl session (my default) or GNOME.  KDE seems
to work just fine.

I did not have this problem runnng the LiveCD of 6.10 beta, so I'm guessing the app that runs the menu is
somehow messed up .. ?

Advance thanks for your help.


Menu bar won't start up.

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