[Bug 44010] Workaround for the problem of session saving in ubuntu

Vincenzo Ciancia vincenzo_ml at yahoo.it
Sat Sep 30 10:44:45 UTC 2006

I quote

"if you want to set a clean start session (or update it), you can do it
pretty quickly without having to go in the preferences, activate session
saving, then log out, log in again, disable saving"

of course, and also, the machinery here described is really an hackish
way to do what one is willing to do, which is save my session now and
now everytime I log out (especially since there exist applications that
do not respect the session saving protocol, and anyway since I can
logout without closing applications).

And also this is bugged in dapper, since if you disable auto-session-
saving after having enabled it you find unrelated windows (a nautilus
file manager and the session properties dialog) when you log in again,
and you can't get rid of them.

A workaround to this bunch of bugs is to use the "gnome-session-save"
command, but you can't use it in a terminal window because it will save
the terminal window. So you can add an entry at the end of the
applications menu, using alacarte (right click on the application menu
and modify the menu), which runs the command "gnome-session-save", name
it "save session", and you're done, you have now the possibility to save
session whenever you want without incurring in the other bug I

Feature request : shortcut to save session while logging out

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