[Bug 62506] Re: Incorrectly Detects HP Fax device

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 19:27:55 UTC 2006

Lukas, Jon, can you tell how you connected your printer to your computer
(USB, parallel, ethernet, ...)?

If your printer is on the parallel port, have it turned on while booting
and run

cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport*/autoprobe*

If you do not have output, do (printer must be connected and turned on):

sudo rmmod lp
sudo rmmod ppdev
sudo rmmod parport_pc
sudo rmmod parport
sudo modprobe lp

Please post the screen output of each command here and continue even if
a command gives an error message.

Repeat the command

cat /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport*/autoprobe*

Check your BIOS. Is your parallel port in a bi-directional mode?

If your printer is on USB, post


and the output of

sudo lsusb -vvv


sudo lsmod

Lukas, can you also post your "lpinfo -v"?

What you see are two problems:

1. Your printer is not auto-detected

2. A non-existing HP Fax device is detected (to see that this is
independent, turn off/disconnect your printer and the HP Fax still gets

So in reality this bug report should be split into two.

(2) is fixed upstream by HPLIP 1.6.9. I am currently waiting for the
Debian folks picking it up.

Incorrectly Detects HP Fax device

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